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Let's Celebrate!!!
Are you in Transition?
An Evening with the Tuckers
Happy New Year!! 2016 is HERE!!
The Ultimate Holiday PJ Party


New Year, New You!
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Let's Celebrate!!!


Are you in Transition?

Are you in a place of transition?
Transition is never comfortable. It can be downright uncomfortable and unsettling. Whether you are transitioning in your personal life, career, or even ministry, we must remember that during this time, our plans must line up with God's plans for us. Many times in transition, we can experience lapses of judgment which lead to bad decisions, and confusion for the lack of consulting God. I myself have done it. I've pushed past those subtle nudges within, and made decisions on my own versus consulting God first.

An Evening with the Tuckers

We had a special evening entitled "An Evening with the Tuckers" a few weeks ago. This evening consisted of my husband Darryl and I sharing our  journey of Love, Loss, Healing and learning how to love again. The night was an awesome success, filled with people who have experienced love and loss and are currently learning how to love again. Learning how to love again after experiencing heartbreak is scary. Being transparent was our focus for the evening, which we both feel is very important for growth.

Happy New Year!! 2016 is HERE!!

Happy New Year!! We made it to 2016!! When a new year approaches, many of us make plans, goals, and even make new resolutions. This year, I encourage you to invest in YOU! Make yourself a priority be getting healthy in all areas of your life: Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally and Physically. This year we are more committed to focus on these areas in many of our events and we want you to be apart of what we're doing! I'm excited about our 2016 and the incredible plan God has for us to fulfil.

The Ultimate Holiday PJ Party

Our Ultimate Holiday Pajama Party is going down Friday, December 11th! Who doesn't love a good pajama party? This is our 1st pajama party and we have a fun filled night planned for the Ladies including Food, games, giveaways, Vision planning for 2016 and Pillow Talk! I love coming together with positive women who can feed off each other and share great wisdom. This will be a night you don't want to miss! Tickets are selling fast, and space is limited so grab your tickets on our website.

Better Men, Better Husbands, Better Fathers

The Conversation "Better Men, Better Husbands, Better Fathers" is coming up Saturday, November 29th hosted by my husband Darryl Tucker! I'm so excited as this is the 1st sessions specifically dedicated to Men WOMEN! This session has weighed heavily on my heart for quite a while now and I've discussed it numerous times with my husband and I'm thrilled that he would conduct this special session. What we as women do not realize, is that Men have a tremendous role to play and if they have not been taught correctly prior to becoming a man they are going to experience some difficulty.

Month Of Thankfulness

We are in Day 20 of our Month of Thankfulness. Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving, but this is the month that is set aside to observe as we have a heart of Gratitude. I encourage you to do an act of kindness, give your time, or just set aside some time to think and reflect on the things you are blessed to enjoy. Follow us on all of our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we count down the entire month of Thanfulness.

Blessings and Health,
DeLonda Owens-Tucker

Letting go…!

A few weeks ago I had a serious hard conversation with my siblings.  The meeting was called as a result of some issues we've had for several years and just didn't deal with and swept them under the rug for sometime. When we met, we all had decided to come clean with our feelings and emotions no matter how hard it might have been to express, we wanted each sibling to leave with at least an open understanding of how each felt. Needless to say, there were a lot of tears, pains expressed and vulnerability was present.

The journey...

After hearing the passing of Robin Williams yesterday evening, so many feelings arose in me. The feeling of what his last moments even hours felt like before he decided to end it all, what his family is feeling after learning of his passing, his friends not seeing the hints he may have  given...and so on..
I too have had this feeling of ending it all and so in 2002 I decided to end it all. My day was filled with abuse verbally and physically from my ex-husband and countless disappointments. I no longer felt my life wasn't worth living and I certainly didn't want to continue it with 2 children watching.


Ever feel in your marriage you are going through a major transition?

Transitions are bound to happen within a marriage as long as there is two people growing in age, health challenges, children growing into teens, the loss of loved ones, career changes, financial woes...etc.
The important thing during times of transition is to remain consistent. Times of transition can be very emotional, lonely and can leave a spouse feeling like what have they done and where did their happy home run off to! Remaining constant in faith, in love and definitely communication is vital to make your transition in your marriage run smooth.